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Being locally based and locally owned, Credit Unions play a major role in fostering community well-being. Our success is directly related to the success of our communities, that’s why our profits stay in the local area, reinvested in our local economies, and that is why we work to improve the local quality of life. LaHave River Credit Union, is committed to giving back to our community. Supporting our local suppliers and businesses for products and services, is one way we support our community, volunteering our time and efforts is another.

The Credit Union staff and board support the following events and associations, either by volunteering personal time or by donating & raising funds in their individual communities.

We Proudly Support

Focused on Our Community


David Maxwell Environmental Technology Bursary - NSCC

LaHave River Credit Union is pleased to support students gaining knowledge, practical skills, and theory in the areas of environmental sustainability, allowing students to empower their future careers in resource and environmental management with support through the Dr. David Maxwell Environmental Studies bursary. This award was established by the LaHave River Credit Union in honour of Dr. David Maxwell a dedicated environmental advocate and Credit Union board of directors member.The Credit Union, hopes to inspire others to start conversations about the value of supporting and making smart choices now to create a more sustainable future.

This $1,000 bursary will be awarded to one full-time student at the NSCC Lunenburg Campus who is enrolled in the Natural Resources Environmental Technology program. Learn more and how to apply here.

Atlantic Credit Unions Bursary Program

The Atlantic Credit Unions Bursary program can help if you're attending NSCC. Two full-time students at each of the 13 NSCC campuses will be awarded a $500 bursary, for a total of $13,000 being provided. Nova Scotia credit unions are the longest serving financial institution donor to NSCC. Please visit Student Services at your NSCC campus for an application, or learn more here.