We are helping support Financial Literacy in our Community

We believe that improving financial literacy will help improve peoples lives.   Gaining control of your finances provides greater opportunities for the future and greater stability in times of crisis.  Working with community partners LaHave River Credit Union is helping educate young people, improving their financial literacy and their control over their lives.

Programs we support both financially and through volunteer efforts:

Junior Achievement:

Company Program – A 19 week program for high school kids providing a chance for to create a product and company, including electing a board and executive team, prototyping their product, then producing and selling the product, earning real money and great experience.

Economics for Success encourages middle and high school students to Take a Closer Look at the advantages of staying in school and at how the choices they make can positively impact their future dreams, aspirations and outcomes.

Dollars with Sense gives junior high school students personal money management skills, challenging them to apply these concepts in their own life, starting now! Encouraging them to make sense of their dollars and cents.