What makes us different?

We provide the great banking you’re seeking, but we offer something more.

We offer the opportunity to be part of something bigger: The chance to be more than a customer, to help build your community, to see fairness, trust, equality, and independence brought to life in real and meaningful ways, from the way we do business to the way we treat you every day.


Our Credit Union Pillars

  • Great Banking
    • LaHave River Credit Union provides members with products and services that enhance their financial well-being.
  • Bank +
    • LaHave River Credit Union offers many of the same products and services as a bank, but also something more: The power of membership and the opportunity to contribute to the community in a real and meaningful way.
  • CO-OP Principles are meaningful
    • Credit Unions were founded on principles that guarantee fairness and trust in everything we do. We believe in equality, independence, and putting your money to work for you and your community.
  • More than a Customer
    • Banks have customers, we have members. You are one of us and we will be trusted, treated fairly, and provided with excellent products and services.
  • Committed to where we live
    • LaHave River Credit Union is invested in our communities, and we give them the opportunity to do so.

Why Should I bank at LaHave River Credit Union

Because you’ll receive great financial products and services and at the same time contribute to the community in real and meaningful ways.

We’re more than a bank. We make a local impact – your money stays here and works here. You are more than a customer, you’re a member. We provide expert financial advice and services, but we also invest in our members and their communities. We don’t answer to distant shareholders. Decisions are made right here in Bridgewater.